Be Awed…Literally! Have your Jaws Gape Open Only at Gatorland!

Privately owned by the family of founder Owen Godwin since 1949, Gatorland has gained the reputation as one of the premier attractions in the city of Orlando, Florida. A wildlife preserve and theme park rolled into one, Gatorland possesses a unique kind of attraction not only for alligator and crocodile lovers but also for people who are out only for the most fantastic road shows and spectacular tours and adventures on Earth. Providing endless hours of fun, excitement, and a variety of wonderful memories day in and day out, Gatorland has successfully found a place in the hearts of its daily stream of very happy guests. As a “natural” alternative to the countless gigantic theme parks in existence today, Gatorland has all the elements of the charm that is “Old Florida” and the beauty and excitement of adventure for everyone from all walks of life.

In keeping with its fame as the Alligator Capital of the World, Gatorland possesses the impact of an alligator and crocodile sanctuary plus the unmistakable attraction of the park’s Petting Zoo, an aviary for free-flying birds, incredible animal shows, a truly natural breeding marsh for alligators, and the absolutely out-of-this-world and electrifying zip line.

Aside from offering a unique wrestling show featuring alligators versus humans, Gatorland also offers a host of other attractions that make visiting the park worth all the excitement, enthusiasm and gleeful screams. There’s the famous Gator Jumparoo Show where visitors get to see how high the park’s alligators and crocodiles can jump in order to quickly snatch food with their wide mouths from the trainer’s hand. Then there’s the Gator Wrestling Show, which allows visitors in a large-capacity stadium to witness gator-wranglers demonstrate survival techniques against and remarkable stunts with a snapping alligator. And that’s not all: the Up Close Encounters Show enables park guests to experience native wildlife through thrilling close encounters with a range of wildlife fauna, including some of the most dangerous snakes in existence today.

The Ultimate Package-Trainer for a Day

At Gatorland, there’s a Trainer-for-a-Day package that allows visitors to experience the wildlife more intimately by becoming a “Trainer” for one day. Who knows what one Gatorland visit could do to potential wildlife trainers out there? However, as visitors in this program get down and dirty with the alligators and crocodiles, their safety and security are consistently assured by professional and expert trainers who are always ready to assist in whatever way they can, in addition to providing a creative, fun and electrifying way to spend the whole visit.

Why Visit Gatorland?

At Gatorland, there’s never a dull moment as visitors get a true taste of being in the wild with alligators, crocodiles and other animals. Open for benefits and private parties as well as group tours, Gatorland paves the way for people to appreciate the beauty of some of the Planet’s most awesome wildlife creatures. Once you enter the alligator’s mouth-shaped entrance of Gatorland, you’ll keep wondering why you’ve never discovered this attraction before. By the way, it may be interesting to know that the park has been recognized for carrying out highly successful artificial inseminations on alligators. Furthermore, each time you visit Gatorland, you will be contributing to the park’s efforts to buy and rescue poor alligators from people who see them only as bothersome creatures and as mere sources of exotic meat and covering material.


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