WonderWorks Orlando

Serving as an interactive attraction for visitors of all ages, WonderWorks is guaranteed to provide endless hours of education and excellent entertainment at affordable admission prices. Get into WonderWorks for full scale family fun with over 100 interactive exhibits that will enable the mind to think deeply and the imagination to travel more extensively.

Marvel at the Wonders of WonderWorks

What began as a well-kept research laboratory on a remote Bermuda Triangle island has emerged to become a widely-entertaining tourist attraction in Central Florida. WonderWorks takes its name from Professor Wonder, who led a group of the world’s most talented scientists who were tasked to cook-up a manmade tornado. The scientists were assigned to harness the tornado’s power. However, the tornado creation went terribly wrong, which resulted to incredible havoc in the laboratory. Tearing the laboratory from its foundations, the tornado carried the laboratory and brought it upside down atop a brick warehouse in Orlando. Surprisingly, the scientific experiments were left untouched, undamaged and operational by the tornado travel.

Stepping into WonderWorks makes you wonder whether you’ve stepped into a fantasy world. Everything is upside down! An inversion tunnel brings you in alignment with everything. Defy gravity and see what you can do with the many experiments and exhibits at this level.

The Disaster Zone laboratory recreates the 5.3 scale San Francisco earthquake that collapsed a freeway and stopped the World Series baseball in 1989. This attraction is open for guests who are least 36” tall. Hurricane Hole brings you into the center of the storm with 71 miles-per-hour wind intensity.

Have fun with Wonder Brite that has light sticks and lite brite. Experience how it is to be a human lightning rod passed with thousands of volts of electricity with Tesla Coil. Aim to beat the clock and win points by pressing the buttons as quickly as you can on the high-tech light matrix. At the Light and Sound Zone, you can get audible experience of 3D sound. Watch your shadow get left behind, do play dancing with colors of light, enjoy the Foot Motion Dome, or play air hockey in a virtual setting.

Space Zone lets you study outer space depths, experience the Mercury Capsule and an actual size Astronaut Space Suit. Get a souvenir photo taken at this level.

Find out how a bed of nails does not create as much damage as a single nail can.

Velocity Ball allows you to play baseball as you pitch to famous baseball players such as American baseball shortstop Derek Jeter or professional right fielder Sammy Sosa. Play with Major League Baseball players as the screen displays each play of the game.

Guests who are 42 inches tall can design the perfect roller coaster they want to experience riding and then take it for a test spin. A virtual submarine adventure awaits those who prefer not to go on the wonder coaster they build.

Other attractions at WonderWorks include the bio feedback game called Mind Ball, the bubble fun laboratory called Bubble Lab, the icy cold water experiment involving the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean during the sinking of the Titanic, and the perspective-and-perception illusion system called Far Out Illusion Gallery.

Stay for More at WonderWorks

The Outta Control Dinner Show at WonderWorks involves audience participation in a 90-minute show. There’s salad, unlimited freshly prepared cheese and pepperoni pizza, popcorn, dessert, soda, wine and beer.
WonderWorks brings you lots of wonder and delight that you are bound never to forget!

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