Old Town Kissimmee

An unhurried drive down Highway 192 in this lovely locality will bring you within sight of Old Town Kissimmee. Be awed with the unbelievable Ferris wheel, which welcomes you to this unique town. The classic ride welcomes you not only to iconic Old Town Kissimmee but also brings you within walking distance of an exquisite collection of dining sites, shopping stops and family-oriented attractions.

The Heart of Central Florida Sparkles with the Charm of Old Town Kissimmee

Weekly classic car trips are offered at Old Town Kissimmee. The auto cruise shows are given a distinctively vintage flair with bands that play iconic old tunes as the incredible collection of antiques, steel rods and hot rods in the pre-1975 era assemble on the brick streets to amaze visitors. Saturday Nite Cruise will surely be terrific events for even the most diehard motor show enthusiasts.

Muscle cars and auto classics of 1988 and even older parade before your very eyes during the regular Friday night one-of-a-kind All American Muscle Car Cruise. There are go-karts galore, child-safe rides, motif eateries, and the ubiquitous scare fest from the on-premise haunted house. Shop for park souvenir and merchandise that will leave you with lasting memories of your visit to Old Town Kissimmee.

Are you ready for a completely amped up experience? Then come for Old Town Kissimmee’s adventure course where you can try your hand at the Ropes Challenge Course, Zip Line and the Rock Climbing Wall. Rising at four stories, the Ropes Challenge Course tests course participants for their endurance, strength and balance as they handle every obstacle and rope in the whole course. There are 20 rope-and-obstacle elements that challenge participants with more ways to tackle every course. It’s like the old Choose-your-own-Adventure series of books that lets you find the right adventure course for you.

The AMPventure Zipline is Old Town Kissimmee’s incredible 45-foot-high, 600-feet long zipline. Participants are required to measure at least 36 inches tall for accompanied participation. Players 48 inches tall can take on the zip line alone. Weigh ins should reveal body weight of not over 300 pounds. Secure and sensible adventure footwear should be worn at all times.

The Rock Climbing Wall consists of a 35-foot elevation from the ground. Safety harness equipment facilitates the entire climbing process.

Enjoy Riding Fun At Old Town Kissimmee’s Selection of Wonderful Rides

1437 feet of sturdy steel tracks keep you still holding on for dear life as you negotiate the tracks of the Windstorm Roller Coaster. Be tickled by the sudden 80-degree twists, turns and hairpin bends. The Happy Days Family Go-Kart Course takes you at variable spins. Check out Super Shot, where you’ll be taken on an exhilarating upward ride. Then get suddenly dropped from 150 feet up in the air at a sudden, stomach-lurching speed. The Century Ferris Wheel lets you survey the surrounding environs from a 60 feet elevation off terra firma.

Children’s rides consist of Flying Tea Cups that swirl you every which way. Colorful horses navigate the enjoyable carousel. The Wacky Worm Kiddie Coaster takes you around a crazy course. Frog Hopper makes you like a happily leaping frog.

At Old Town Kissimmee, everything is always an adventure!


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