If you’re one of those who want a taste of pure Orlando fun coupled with a unique sense of adventure, WhirlyDome is just the place to visit. Located right in the center of International Drive, WhirlyDome has all the elements of sports games and rides built together to provide a whirling great time!

Take That Unforgettable Spin Around WhirlyDome!

Home to the new Evotek Engineering-crafted Formula One racing simulator, WhirlyDome gives visitors a taste of the sights and sounds that have made Orlando an extraordinary spot for tourists to visit year in and year out.

• WhirlyBall
Catch WhirlyDome’s signature 4-in-one ride called WhirlyBall. Structured as the first ever totally mechanized team sport, WhirlyBall has hockey, basketball, jai-alai and bumper cars blended innovatively into the perfect 5-on-5 game. Piloting revolutionary bumper cars called WhirlyBugs, players dodge each other to score a pass and land a plastic sphere into the opponent’s goal. This involves a lot of jumping and blocking all around the game court. Requiring no previous sports experience and strong athletic skills, WhirlyBall is a game that has been enjoyed elsewhere in Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. WhirlyDome has two WhirlyBall courts that visitors can enjoy the game at. A remarkable, adrenaline-infused team sport and fun group activity, WhirlyBall is played in a 4000-square-foot playing court with 10 WhirlyBugs for use. Five red and five yellow vehicles take players around. These are outfitted with a plastic scoop fashioned in jai-alai style, which is carried around in one hand. The players’ other hand controls the steering lever. A softball-sized whiffle ball gets tossed around and is skillfully maneuvered around to score a goal. An elevated booth is situated above the court. This is where the referee calls each play in the game as he keeps tab of goal points and penalties. The referee also gives a pre-game briefing.

• The Pioneer Formula One Racing Simulator in North America
Come and have a spin on the SYM 026, the Italian-crafted simulator that lets you get behind the wheel of a formula one racer car. Three racing courses are available for simulator riders to test their skills at: Germany, San Marco and Italy.

• Laser Frenzy
Get wild laser fun with WhirlyDome’s logic-defying maze of haze, laser beams and mirrors. This team-oriented laser adventure provides live-action excitement. Laser Tag is played in a reality-fantasy zone with an ocean quest theme.

• Self-Serve Bowling
WhirlyDome’s bowling lanes allow up to seven players for every 10-frame game set. No specialty bowling shoes required here.

Get Dizzying Excitement and More at WhirlyDome

Bloodhound Brew Bar at WhirlyDome offers a wide selection of arcade games and pool tables for billiard games. The bar also offers lunch and dinner menus and great drinks to wash everything down. Dine al fresco or indoors.

The multi-party rooms at WhirlyDome are designed with full audiovisual capacity for large family and corporate gatherings.

Pay no admission charge since WhirlyDome only charges for the specific activity that guests decide to enjoy.

Corporate events, get-togethers, birthday parties and special occasions truly get a dash of the extraordinary here at WhirlyDome.

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