Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Open the whole year round in order for water park enthusiasts to continuously enjoy its countless attractions, Wet n’ Wild is the water park that has more thrilling group rides than any other such facility around.

The More is always The Merrier

To enjoy the many Wet n’ Wild thrilling multi-person rides, guests need to be at least 48” tall. However, some water rides can be enjoyed even by those who are only 36” tall but have a responsible adult with them.

Brain Wash is Wet n’ Wild’s signature water ride that literally takes the mind on a psychedelic trip through a domed, dark swirling funnel. The 53-foot drop on the 4-person inner tube will clear the mind and leave it hankering for one more spin.

Wet n’ Wild also has The Black Hole: The Next Generation. As its name suggests, this is a really wild ride in a dark network of tubes and is made for two people. The riders are propelled by gravity down a dark tunnel amid incredible bursts of color and sound at every curve of the tunnel. There’s nothing ordinary about this amazing park ride.

Capturing the thrill of a lifetime in a tube ride that goes along a broken pipeline, The Blast will not only get riders all wet but infuses the ride with even more excitement from pools of swirling water, ruptured pipes and waterfalls.

The Surge at Wet n’ Wild takes riders on a breathtaking spin inside a 5-story tube that pulls them down 600 feet of sharp bends, sudden twists and out-of-this-world dives.

Wet n’ Wild’s The Flyer offers a unique toboggan ride for four on an inner tube that covers a length of 450 feet of sharp turns and fascinating bends.

Disco H2O is Wet n’ Wild’s trademark four-person ride around a tube built with crazy twists and turns plus heart-thumping sounds and hypnotic lights, all in celebration of the disco era.

Bubba Tub allows a group of four to share the excitement of hurtling down a 6-story, triple dip network of water-drenched tubes.

For solo riders, there’s Wet n’ Wild’s Mach 5 ride on a padded mat over three side-by-side routes; Der Stuka, the speed slide that ends at a 115-foot water runway; The Storm, a body coaster ride where the rider gets dropped through an elevated chute and ends up in the pool below; and The Bomb Bay, a drop-thru-the-chute exhilarating experience down a vertical slide that transitions to a horizontal slide.
Wet n’ Wild also offers the Wake Zone, where visitors can thrill to Paddle Boarding, Wake Skating and The Knee Ski.

Friends and family can just take it easy at Wet n’ Wild’s easy-going activities and attractions. For this purpose, there’s Lazy River, The Wild Tiki Lounge, Wave Pool Surf Lagoon and breezy, restful Cabanas.
The newest addition to Wet n’ Wild’s many water park attractions is Blastaway Beach. This water playground carries a sandcastle concept. It spans an upper and a lower pool and its 60-ft sandcastle has more than 160 interactive toys plus 15 slides. There is a secluded area for private seating. The single access opening allows for more exclusive family gatherings.

At Wet n’ Wild water park, getting drenched the whole year round is never a bad idea!

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