Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive theme park perfectly catering both to the adventure-seeker and the relaxation-hungry guests. Its signature-attractions feature the extraordinariness of nature. From the serenity of the cool waters and the simplest aviary creatures to the most intricate nature of sharks, Discovery Cove presents a well-thought of getaway experience for solo and family/group guests. It features signature attractions which does not only promise a pristine experience but also advocates love and concern for nature. To maintain both satisfaction of guests and the quality of the natural habitat inside, Discovery Cove is a reservation-only theme park accommodating around 1300 guests per day. It offers personalized stress-free all inclusive packages to choose from. Once booked, guests are assured that their basic necessities are met. Guests can choose packages which include all you can eat and drink in the restaurants and snack bars located inside or those that include freshly prepared breakfast meals. Discovery Cove also offers Day Resort Packages which has free use of lockers, free parking, shower use, souvenir snorkel, free photo upon entry, and meal and access to the signature attractions. To ensure guests’ safety while enjoying the signature attractions, they will all be provided with swim gears – vests, wetsuit, mask and snorkel, towels. Guests will also be provided with a sample of animal-friendly sunscreen. There are also private cabanas available for rent.

Signature Attractions

Dolphin Interaction

This is the main attraction inside Discovery Cove. This 30-minute face-to-face interactive exchange with a dolphin allows guests to experience the friendliness and learn about the bottlenose dolphin’s smart nature. Guests who would like to experience this activity must be at least 6 years old. It is a rule that children 6 to 12 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult. At the latter part, a guest may want to experience a dorsal fin tow ride.

Explorer’s Aviary

Everyone must have wondered how it is to fly freely like a bird. Guests will surely savor the gracefulness of these feathered friends featured in Explorer’s Aviary. The natural habitat in place allows these birds to entertain the guests with their colorful feathers and flying prowess seemingly dancing to their melodious humming.

The Grand Reef and SeaVenture

Opened last 2011, The Grand Reef is one the latest attractions inside Discovery Cove. Guests will enjoy the white sand beach island-type, underwater grottos, and snorkel with the friendly and beautiful tropical fishes. This also features a lagoon full of sharks, wherein guests can cross thru a bridge. Part of the Grand Reef is the SeaVenture. Guests alight through a ladder to reach the reef floor with panoramic windows. One gets to discover majestic sight of underwater creatures.

Freshwater Oasis

The picturesque design of this attraction is what sets it apart from the other attractions. .Guests will enjoy the beautiful rainforest canopy while being in close proximity to lovable otters and marmosets.

Serenity Bay

Everybody loves the pool. However, Serenity Bay enhances the guests’ pool experience because of its freshwater swimming environment. Its temperature is kept comfortably warm too. Kids and adults alike find themselves enthralled in a novel swimming experience.

Wind-away River
Exotic tropical landscapes are featured in this attraction. The warmth of the tropical river attracts adventure-seekers, as this connects to sandy beaches. This attraction is also surrounded by small rainforest and rocks where the waterfalls lie. This also has an underwater cave.

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