Universal Studios Orlando

Offering visitors a huge variety of options to be enjoyed at a unique entertainment and amusement resort complex, the Universal Studios is a film studio, television video production facility and theme park rolled into one.

Live, Therefore Exist the Universal Studios Way

Developed to carry a host of ingenious offerings that can cater to even the most demanding tastes, the Universal Studios was built as an enormous resort where dining, entertainment, shopping and enjoyment all merge with the technological production of top-ranking videos and films. Designed as a movie- and TV-based theme park, the Universal Studios brings guests right to the center of the action.

Set at the core of a bustling facility for entertainment production, the Universal Studios has an incredible variety of shows, real movie sets, rides and other attractions that make guests feel they are the star of a great work of art in the making.

Guests can dine and shop like celebrities at Universal Studio’s vast array of chic dining and shopping venues. With regular entertainment shows that take visitors behind the scenes to actual film crews working on a cinematic opus, the Universal Studios has all the elements of a celluloid dream come true.

Watch and Enjoy the Universal Studios Way

Let music, TV and the movies bring extra magic into your life. at the Universal Studios. It’s a full universe of thrills and action as the Universal Studios allows guests to enjoy a spectacle of wonder and delight in two theme parks, namely the Universal Studios Florida Theme Park and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. As Creative Consultant Steven Spielberg stated, the Universal Studios centralizes people where all the magic of timeless stories and experiences are made in order for them to uncover the hero within.
One of the most enjoyed attractions at the Universal Studios is Animal Actors on Location, where some of the most intense actors on the silver screen-showbiz animals-charm and entertain the audience with their antics and talents off-cam. The animal actors’ learned and natural behavior is captured in memory for everyone to witness and be amused with.

The sweet, soulful sound of Chicago blues is highlighted onstage at the Blues Brothers Show at the Universal Studios. Jake and Elwood bring the distinctly Chicago attitude into their high-energy music as they regale visitors who come to their daily shows.

Fear Factor Live at the Universal Studios allows active participation from the live audience.
For coaster ride enthusiasts, there’s so much to be thrilled about at the Universal Studios resort.
The Revenge of the Mummy is a Universal Studios ride that takes guests deep into the darkness of Imhotep’s sacred temple, where they are plagued by scarab beetles, warrior mummies and enormous fireballs on all sides.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® is another of the Universal Studios’ wild roller coaster rides. A product of high-technology ingenuity and specialized, multisensory entertainment, the thrill ride will have visitors holding on for dear life as they gasp with excitement above the ear-busting music and adrenaline-laced screams of other riders on the coaster. Unbelievable elements have been incorporated to elicit even more screams, including the first non-inverting loop. Every rider’s experience on this wild ride becomes immortalized on an editable video.

At the Universal Studios, there’s always something more to love in every visit!

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