Giraffe Ranch Farm Tours

Situated on 47 acres of beautiful countryside land, Giraffe Ranch lies in softly rolling space composed of seasonal wetlands, rich pastures, gloriously wild orchids and giant forest oak trees. The second ranking Florida wilderness area in terms of size, Green Swamp, is located just next door to Giraffe Ranch. This makes a visit to Giraffe Ranch an even more enriching experience holding greater value for the nature lovers among us.

Enjoy Nature at its Best Here at Giraffe Ranch

Serving additionally as a native wildlife conservation area, Giraffe Ranch is where about 200 sandhill cranes come home to roost at night. Adding to the native wildlife experience are the regular safari expeditions offered at Giraffe Ranch that are available for private group bookings. The 4-wheel-drive tour vehicles are driven by Giraffe Ranch’s team of skilled driver guides who maneuver the all-terrain vehicles safely, efficiently and expertly. This enables safari goers to relax and enjoy the lovely passing terrain at leisure and in complete peace of mind. The driver-guides multitask by providing rolling commentaries about what visitors behold outside the vehicles. Outfitted with stadium seating and shaded canopies, the all-terrain vehicles give front-seat privileges to visitors for that unique open classroom, all-natural experience. Guests on the safari tours will witness natural fauna within their native habitat and also check out Giraffe Ranch’s ongoing efforts to preserve nearly-extinct species in the wild.

Enjoy the interactive experience offered by the intimate safari expeditions that allow giraffe feeding, camel petting (yes, camelback safari is available!), and up close and personal encounters with a reclusive pygmy hippo and rhino. Giraffe Ranch has domestic and wildlife animals sourced from 4 different continents: the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Having one of the largest packs of Irish Dexter cattle and Austrian Haflinger horses this side of the globe, Giraffe Ranch is a true-blue hands-on game farm where working herds of animals freely run about in their natural habitat and in complete safety from animal poachers.

Behind the success of Giraffe Ranch are more than a decade of family ownership and watertight operating policies that support agricultural tourism efforts in the state of Florida. Open by reservation daily, Giraffe Ranch welcomes safari visitors with two tours spaced three hours apart for stipulated group sizes. Enjoy a fun and educational safari adventure here at Giraffe Ranch.

Giraffe Ranch has secured its accreditation to operate as a working zoological farm from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Zoological Association of America (ZAA).

Made for Children, Tomorrow’s Generation

Giraffe Ranch was designed to give the generation of tomorrow a whole lot more than the usual zoo or theme park experience. This is where baby animals run wild in natural abandon. Children can behold an exotic colony of guinea pigs perform their crazy antics together. A zebra filly follows its mother everywhere. Parents can play a guessing game with their children as the little ones try to correctly identify the animals by their names. The guessing games can progress in degree of difficulty as children and their parents outdo each other at giving the different names for baby animals and animal groups.
Here at Giraffe Ranch, learning is enjoyable, interactive and truly hands-on.

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