Fun Spot Attractions

Taking its place among Florida’s most popular family-geared attractions, the Fun Spot Action Park sits on almost 5 acres of fun-filled space off the International Drive. Orlando Sentinel had recognized the Fun Spot Action Park as a Best Budget Attraction for 5 years. This has made the Fun Spot Action Park one of the most visited Florida family attractions thus far.

Pick a Spot at the Fun Spot Action Park, Discover Enjoyment of a Different Level

At the Fun Spot Action Park, there is always time to enjoy a lot more. With 17 different attractions, the park boasts of 4 go-kart tracks composed of several distinct levels. Six exciting kiddie rides and seven thrill rides wait to give the ultimate high to children and adults alike.

A 10,000-square-foor building houses a high-tech arcade with the Oasis Snack Bar. This is where 120 arcade games and delightful arcade food can be enjoyed by the entire family. The Winners Circle Arcade is on the first floor and the Freeplay Arcade is on the second.

Preschoolers have an array of rides to choose from, too. Family rides can be enjoyed by everyone in the family or group.

The Free Admission policy has not changed, along with the Fun Spot Action Park’s provision on Free Parking. Visitors can opt to pay per ride, or to pay on all-day, ride-all-you-want basis. All-day admission tickets provide a special price armband. A group discount of 20% is given for park goers who number at least ten and who purchase all-day armbands. This discount applies to reservations made 2 days or 48 hours ahead of actual park entry and is subject to deposit and reservation fee on a single payment scheme.

Open all year round, the Fun Spot Action Park maintains longer park hours during peak season.

Easily accessible at Exit 75 of Interstate 4, the Fun Spot Action Park has more than five years of rich history in providing wholesome family fun.

Pick a Ride, Enjoy the Attractions

Inside the Fun Spot Action Park is the popular Quad Helix track. This yellow fixture takes riders over 1600 feet. Riders will traverse the multiple-level tracks that are supported on four corkscrews. The overpass is characterized by a one-of-a-kind banked, descending curve that’s tilted at a scarifying 25-degree angle, which provides the ultimate thrill and excitement to the most hardcore thrill seeking individuals.

Running over 1000 feet, the blue Conquest Track possesses a triple-level corkscrew system that accounts for an exhilarating elevation of 30 feet up in the air. This track has the multi-excitement Florida Ski Jump in store for brave riders. Designed with active acceleration and a heart-stopping braking mechanism, the Thrasher Road Course has to be one of the most challenging rides at the Fun Spot Action Park. This red and racy course promises to have a bunch of challenges for the most talented rider. A sure hand and a steady heart are needed to master this track. The Commander course is the green track with double-drop laminated bridge set over 800 feet of multi-level steel track.

To provide family ride action, the Fun Spot Action Park has the Scrambler Ride, the wild Bumper Kars, the exciting Bumper Boats for some wet and wild fun, the Cadet Track, the Revolver Ferris Wheel built 100 feet high, and the spectacular Paratrooper.

For children, there’s the Fun Spot Action Park Kiddie Swings, Americana Carousel, Panda Bears, fun spinning Teacups, El Paso Train, Super Trucks and the Frog Hopper.

Family time is always fun time at the Fun Spot Action Park.

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