Avanti Resort Orlando

Going to Orlando this year? Whether you’re in town for a few days of relaxing or a full on vacation, you should check out Avanti Resort – fully renovated and conveniently located on International Drive. The avant-garde decorations and elegant ambience will surely captivate each guest that enters its doors.

Choose a room based on your needs and liking, whether it’s a double queen room to enjoy on your own or any variation of the King rooms and suites if you have company. Couples are known to favor the King Jacuzzi rooms and King suites over the years. Rooms can also have connecting suites and open-air corridors. Needless to say, Avanti Resort is also a grand destination for family outings!

Numerous amenities can be enjoyed by the guests, including free Wi-Fi access, cable TV, housekeeping services, and bell carts, among others. Vending machines are also located at convenient and accessible areas all throughout the property. To preserve the ambience, smoking isn’t allowed aside from the outdoor public spaces.

If you’re looking forward to visiting the nearby Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld or other theme parks, shuttle services are available on schedule. Other nearby attractions include restaurants, shopping centers, recreational facilities and many other establishments for the whole family.

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