Titanic The Experience

Take a trip back in time to April 1912, where you are one of the few lucky passengers to board one of the most famous passenger ships in history. The RMS Titanic was designed to be the safest and most luxurious liner of its age, but its maiden voyage only ended in tragedy. In Titanic the Experience, guests are allowed to relive the history and the tragedy that is the fate of the Titanic.

After paying, you are given a boarding pass with a name of the Titanic’s real passenger. There is also a bit of historical information on your assumed identity. Fortunately, you need not worry about the fact that the greatest errors in Titanic happened to be the appalling lack of lifeboats.

The tour takes you through the different rooms of the Titanic. The guides are trained to speak with an authentic accent as they take you from room to room, giving you tidbits of information regarding the real RMS Titanic. You are also allowed to wander for a short while to explore a little of the exhibit, but you must remember that cameras are not allowed onboard. The Titanic houses some artifacts from the real thing so photography is a big no-no.

There is no dress code but do keep in mind that the tour was also meant to simulate the Titanic experience, complete with the iceberg and everything. The air might be a bit colder as it was meant to mimic the environment of the North Atlantic itself. That means sailing through waters that are estimated to be around -2 degrees Celsius, so it would be a good idea to bring a coat or two with you.

There are also actors who mimic the more famous personalities who boarded the real RMS Titanic. You might come across the Wideners, Mrs. Molly Brown, even the Countess of Rothes. Remember that the Titanic was built to accommodate some of the most glamorous people of its time. It was meant to be the final say on luxury and safety, so expect actors parading around as some of the most famous passengers onboard the luxury liner.

At the end of the tour, the guests are allowed to retrace their steps and explore some of the rooms they wish to return to. It is quite understandable that some guests may find that tours a little rushed, that’s why they are given a bit of time to wander around by themselves and soak in the history of the Titanic.
And that boarding pass with the passenger you were matched to? You will find out at the end of the tour whether your “passenger” managed to make it or was one of the more than 1,000 casualties of the so-called “unsinkable” ship.

Titanic the Experience is located in the tourist hotspot International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The tour is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM with the last tour starting at 5 PM. Tickets are a little cheaper when you buy them online at $19.95 for adults and $10.95 for children ages three to eleven years old. Children below three years old can come in for free.

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