Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

For families and friends searching for a fun diversion from regular activities, Adventure Golf holds a lot of promises for an afternoon of fun. Enter in a pirate-themed course, and everyone is guaranteed to have tons of swashbuckling entertainment.

Nestled in the tourist hotspot of International Drive in Orlando, Florida, Pirates Cove Adventure Golf is exactly how you might imagine Blackbeard himself enjoys miniature golf. The two courses are filled with amazing waterfalls and even a real man-made cave. Lush Florida greenery adorns the courses as you trudge from one hole to the other, putting your golf balls through various water hazards and obstacles.

Speaking of water hazards, it might also be a good idea for someone in the party to look out for the balls somewhere near the strategically placed bodies of water, or you may find yourself looking forlornly at a ball carried away by the water.

Also, watch out for a mischievous skeletal pirate from the lagoon, who has the habit of launching stray canon shots from his raft!

While it is also a good idea to dish out the sunscreen when involved in such outdoor game as miniature golf, Pirates Cove Adventure Golf provides a lot of shades from the sun. There are plenty of shade trees as well as pavilions that offer a respite from the harsh rays of a noonday sun.

There are two courses you may choose from in Pirates Cove Adventure Golf. The Captain’s Course is the easier amongst the two. If you’re up to some serious putting, then you may take on the legendary pirate’s challenge in Blackbeard’s Challenge. Of course, you may also go through both courses if you and the rest of your party are up to it.

Pirates Cove Adventure Golf is also safe for children and is truly family friendly, which means that anyone from five to fifty can enjoy the courses. Kids can learn about several legendary pirates from trivia posted throughout the course as they putt around.

Like any miniature golf course, Pirates Cove Adventure Golf is littered with many obstacles and challenges that promise heaps of fun, and because fun is always multiplied when it is shared, it is a good idea to bring the whole gang together to enjoy being swashbuckling golfers for an hour or two.

Bear in mind though, that International Drive is a tourist hotspot and has several other neighboring theme parks. Because Pirates Cove Adventure Golf is a popular destination amongst the tourists and locals alike, you will have to expect some bottlenecking during the busiest hours of the day, although on slow hours, it is quite possible that you could putt around by yourself. Most guests come in groups also, so you might have to wait in line as you go from hole to hole.

Pirates Cove Adventure Golf in International Drive is open every day from 9 AM to 11:30 PM throughout the entire year. It is located approximately one mile from the Convention Center in International Drive. Entrance fee for adults is $12.50 plus tax and $11.50 plus tax for children ages 4 to 12 years old. Children who are 3 years old and under can play for free.

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