Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando

Spend a day at Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando for a show full of entertainment as you enjoy a sumptuous meal. Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando is a renowned world-class Restaurant & Nightlife Entertainment Destination. It is a destination not only of tourists but also of locals. Mango’s Tropical Café’s slogan for many years is “Come Fall in Love”. You’ll definitely fall in love as you visit this celebrated world-class Restaurant & Nightlife Entertainment Destination.

You can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Mango’s Tropical Café with your friends and colleagues as it can house up to 2,500 guests.

Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando features a variety of international talents. They have live bands perform up the stage. Latin dancers entertain guests with a variety of dance styles ranging from Salsa to Bachatta and Reggae to Pop.

Delight and indulge yourself in gourmet dining that may be a Sit-Down or Buffet-Style Lunch or Dinner. Choose from a wide selection of their World-Famous Classic and Lemonade Mojitos & Tropical Daiquiris. Be in love with the taste of Florribean (Florida) Cuisine which specializes in a variety of Latin and Caribbean snacks, foods and drinks. You should as well taste some of Mango’s Tropical Café’s extensive list of wines, champagnes and even premium label drinks that can be serviced even during the late night hours.

Want to book a Group or Corporate Event? You may at Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando’s private event spaces. You won’t have to worry that much since this place is set with state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology and equipment that will be used for your planned event or party. Plus, they have a great menu to choose from. In case that you need help, they have a great service staff that will cater to all your needs. For booking purposes, you may click here and fill in the form, then a representative of their Sales and Events Team will get back to you for more information. Reserve as early as now since they have already started booking future events for the Fall of 2014

Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando is specifically located at 8102 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819. You may call them at (305) 673-4422 or TOLL FREE (800) 921-MANGOS for any inquiries as well as for reservations to be made. You may also email them at Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando is open from 12 P.M. to 3 A.M.

Other great news for you is that Mango’s Tropical Café is looking for talented people to join and work for them. If you have experience working in a restaurant, in nightlife destination or in the event industry, you may want to apply for a position. You may fill out their online application form and then wait for one of their staffs to contact you as soon as possible. Their online forms can be found here

Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando’s distance to other nearby venues or destinations are as follows: Walt Disney World- 14.5 Miles; Airport- 14.6 Miles; Downtown- 9.5 Miles; Convention Center- 1.8 Miles; SeaWorld- 4.5 Miles; Universal- 3.9 Miles.

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