Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa

Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa, 1,014 newly refurbished rooms and 117 suites, an official Walt Disney World Resort. It is a prime location that offers completely renovated accommodations. Inside, you will find a sophisticated new lobby where unequalled hospitality is exercised.

Amenities include a complimentary shuttle service to the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, which children would truly enjoy and where entry is never a problem even when the parks are full as guests of Buena Vista Palace is considerably guaranteed of admission.

You may also watch your kids enjoy at the Sunday Disney Character Brunch and at the Tropical Recreation Island where playgrounds and video arcades can be very inviting. You may also enjoy delectable cuisines in several restaurants and lounges in the area.

Indeed, it is a perfect place to relax and have fun with your family and friends. Buena Vista Palace has something remarkable to offer to all guests.

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