Worldgate Resort Hotel & Conference Center

Make the vacation of your dreams a reality, visit World Gate Resort Hotel & Conference Center. The hotel is close to Orlando’s most popular attractions like world-class shopping areas, the champion and prestigious gold courses and the theaters. The World Gate Resort will by no means disappoint visitors, it will surely cater every guest need. The hotel is also very much famous for a wedding venue and many other memorable occasions too.

The resort hotel is bustling with amenities and on-site activities. It has two huge heated pools, two superb and great tasting restaurants, a few coffee shops, lounges , bars, there are tennis courts for the tennis enthusiasts and players alike and they have live entertainments too. There are activities and areas that are especially made for kids too. They have game rooms and playground and kids activity programs as well. The resort offers deluxe accommodations for everyone. Guests can go around having fun, maximizing their stay using all the facilities of the resort or they can just stay in their comfortable and plush beds scrolling to more than 60 channels on their HDTVs or surf the net with their high speed internet connection.

Close to the attractions, offers great services and assures an experience of a lifetime. With World Gate Resort Hotel, there is nothing more that guests can ask for.

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