The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

Dubbed as the “Friendliest Hotel in Orlando,” the Florida Hotel and Conference Center has been a fan favorite for many years since it opened its doors to guests and travellers. Here, you can find the right mix of luxury, comfort, top-class customer service and – quite simply put – a good time, whether you’re staying for one day or one week.

Guests who visit the hotel are both casual travellers looking for leisure time and working people on business. Nearby facilities and attractions include Walt Disney World, the Orlando International Airport, the Orange County Convention Center and various theme parks. The Florida Mall is also at its proximity. If you’re not up to going elsewhere, don’t fret, since the hotel serves as a host to many restaurants, stores as well as its own Starbucks coffee shop.

Amenities in each room include flat screen TV sets, refrigerators, iClock radio, and exceptional room service. The hotel also has its own heated pool and spa, an ATM machine in the lobby and its own connection to the Florida Mall, where you can shop all you want. If you want to stay up late at night, you can hang out at the Cricket’s Bar or Marcelo’s Bistro found in the hotel lobby.

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