Tantalizing Tastes & Tours

Get ready to get your taste buds all tickled as the Tantalizing Tastes and Tours take off on another adventure of gustatory delight and unbelievable tastes in the lovely eateries of Central Florida.

Behind Every Great Business are Individuals who Love What They Do

Jeremy and Jasmine Bacon, the enterprising founders of Tantalizing Tastes & Tours, have admitted to not possess extraordinary talents in the kitchen. However, they are fortunate to have always had a way with words and a genuine love for good food. Now, many culinary tours and countries later, Jasmine and Jeremy offer the best of Orlando cuisine for everyone to enjoy via their ingenious Tantalizing Tastes and Tours. Combining food-tasting and sightseeing tours, the Bacon couple has embarked on a quest for the perfect tastes that they hope to share with Orlando tourists for many years to come.

Having held first-hand knowledge of the locality’s vibrant restaurant service industry, Jeremy and Jasmine have made it their mission to provide a most enjoyable food-tripping experience for food tourists. As the tours take people around the city’s historical sites and picturesque layovers, they will readily see just why Orlando has become an ideal vacation spot and food oasis for a lot of visitors from all over the globe.

Furthermore, the couple behind Tantalizing Tastes & Tours has always run the business with straight corporate ethics and an emphasis on unparalleled integrity and honesty in all aspects of the business. Emphasizing unerring professionalism and the best customer service there is, Jasmine and Jeremy Bacon look forward to more years in the fresh industry they have grown their reputation on.

See Orlando With Fresh Eyes—and Taste Buds!

The offers at Tantalizing Tastes & Tours can be booked according to a standard schedule or customized for that exclusive experience. Tantalizing Tastes & Tours provides three tour options:

• Taste of Orlando
With five local restaurants to visit on the itinerary, guests on this schedule can visit Florida’s very own Holy Land for that religious theme park experience. The Dwight House at Amway Center is also on the sightseeing menu. So is an array of other tourist attractions. And of course, visitors will get a chance to visit some fantastic restaurants along the way. There’s 4 Rivers Smoke House with its sweet-savory bestseller Six Shooter. Gourmet sandwiches can be enjoyed at Pom Pom’s Teahouse, plus monfongo from one of the locality’s exceptional Latin eateries. Promising a world of excellent tastes and textures, the restaurants on this tour are sure to leave a lasting impression on the taste buds!

• Fun Dinner Dining Tour
Bringing food and travel enthusiasts to a whole new level of adventure, this tour enables visitors to step through the doors and sample the exquisite kitchen offerings of the city’s most popular restaurants. Get ready for some serious gastronomic delights as you enjoy more than a bite of sumptuous delicacies, mixed drinks or wine. Available for group or intimate settings, this is Tantalizing Tastes & Tours’ offering for participants 18 years old and older.

• Pub-and-Grub Beer Tour
Combining fantastic Florida beers with equally magnificent pub specials, this is Tantalizing Tastes & Tours’ most exciting tour for those who think they’ve already had their fill of beers and good pub chow. An excellent reservoir of trivia and challenges accompanies this tour. Guests get home safely after having samplings of Lagers, Ales, Lambics and a lot more. That’s three hours of fun, surprises and more!

So come on over and take part in Tantalizing Tastes & Tours’ offerings and experience a re-education of the palate like no other!

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