Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

For those who find the whodunit format completely alluring and fun, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows may just be something that will brighten an otherwise uninteresting evening. Yes, you become an instant detective the moment you are welcomed by any one of the show’s fantastic characters.

Clear a Table, Detective X Is In The House!

Built with intrigue and comedy that’ll surely bring the house down, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows are a totally merry way to spend your evenings. With 13 distinct mysteries to be solved, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows combine great entertainment, audience involvement and gay spontaneity for that memorable good time. The shows’ outrageous characters share your table as they invite you to help them solve the evening’s mystery.

Was it stylist extraordinaire Alfonzo? Or maybe Marion and Oliver were in cahoots in their tireless objective of protecting the many secrets of the Manor? How about the lovely Katrina? Or the not-so-pleasant Constable? Find out in Celestial Manor!

In G.K.’s 80th Birthday, who among Mr. Chen, Nurse Faber and Mr. Gerald Keenan’s (G.K.) relatives is desperate enough to make him have this as his last birthday alive? Find the answer before this edition of the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows finishes.

You are invited to Hillendale, a quaint American town for their Annual Holiday Pageant. Which contestant is desperate enough to take out the competition?

As Kim and Scott Tie The Knot, piece the clues together to find out if Kim had murdered her first husband and whether Scott had been engaged in trading software secrets to procure rare gems. As their relatives complicate things, it’s up to you to solve the mystery.

In Lord Mansfield’s Fox Hunt Banquet, you as the nobility have gotten invited to an annual fox hunt to take place in Lord Mansfield’s Mansion. Jeffries the butler ushers you in and takes you to the luxurious dining room. The lively maid has made ready hors d’ oeuvres, while the gypsies are busy preparing a feast. The lord of the mansion is in the kitchen formulating some strong concoction. There is debauchery, thievery and magic involved so better have your magnifying glass ready! Be the star in this Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows mystery.

A fantastic new B-movie is on its opening night and director Jeremy is not about to quit believing his opus will be a success. After all, he has a lot on his shoulders as Henry Beaumont, the oil tycoon, has invested millions on this film. This is in the hopes that Nicki, Henry’s niece, will get recognized as a great actress. Who among Nicki, Jeremy, Bert, celebrity psychic Madame Gilda and Henry will commit an unimaginable crime tonight? Find out in The Premiere.

In Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em, be Police Sergeant Pruitt’s ally as he attempts to catch the culprit in a crime involving either international intrigue or passion. A party is to be thrown for Margaret Petrovich, the Slovarian Premiere’s nefarious wife. The roast will be thrown by Arty Miller, the wacky entrepreneur who heads the Celebrity Elite Agency. Discover what Margaret’s hidden agenda is in this episode of the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows.

Other mysteries to be solved at the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows are: Squires Inn; WKZY; The Reunion; The Show Must Go On.

Enjoy Your Dinner While Solving a Mystery

As you partake of that scrumptious Cheese Lasagna, Prime Rib or Honey-Glazed Cornish Hen you ordered extra, put on your thinking cap and help solve tonight’s mystery. There’s plenty of crackers, dinner rolls, fresh green salad and hors d’ oeuvres to go around. A wonderful mystery desert is waiting as you put on the finishing touches to solving the mystery. Try your luck at the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. It’s not always elementary, my dear Watson!

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