SeaWorld Orlando

A member of a popular chain of animal theme parks, oceanariums and marine mammal parks, SeaWorld has been providing endless hours of entertainment and excitement to streams of visitors in the US. Owned by SeaWorld Entertainment, SeaWorld theme park features captive dolphin, sea lion and orca zoological displays and shows, aside from having various other marine animals as park attractions.

Make SeaWorld your World

SeaWorld visitors have come to love not only the park’s many show attractions but also the various thrill rides where they can get wet and have a wonderful time.

Manta at SeaWorld can provide guests with a feeling of gliding, skimming and gliding onboard a flying coaster designed to mimic a giant ray’s underwater movements. Combining adventure and up-close animal encounters, Manta taunts water riders with a face-down head-first nosedive at the beginning. The smooth track of Manta at SeaWorld then carries the coaster with full power on a high seas flip. The Manta Aquarium has thousands of colorful fish and over 100 rays in 10 gorgeous underwater habitats composed of cool caverns.

SeaWorld’s Kraken takes thrill seekers through a monster coaster experience that they will never forget. This floorless steel coaster takes riders high above the horizon and spins them, drops them, twirls them and plunges them through a dizzying network of rails in a superfast, one-scream-per-second, greatly exciting ride. Are you brave enough to come aboard?

The splashdown ride called Journey to Atlantis, with its exciting roller coaster/flume ride hybrid vehicle, propels water ride enthusiasts through dark and watery passageways into the sunken city down through the gates into the waters below.

The trackless family ride called Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin takes riders through the magnificence of a penguin view of the South Pole. This SeaWorld ride has either a mild or wild version and is motion-based and simulated.

SeaWorld also offers Wild Arctic Ride, another simulator-based ride that takes visitors on an exciting ride aboard a jet-helicopter to explore the icy but exquisite grandeur of the North Pole. The treacherous maneuvers over dangerous valleys and frozen peaks culminate into a wild touchdown at Base Station Wild Arctic, where visitors can keenly observe a polar playground of Pacific walruses and polar bears, in addition to beluga whales.

Other popular SeaWorld rides and attractions include Shamu’s Express, Skytower, Jazzy Jellies, Net Climb, Sea Carousel, Ocean Commotion, Paddle Boats and Swishy Fishies.

The Marine World is Your World, Too

SeaWorld visitors have neat ways to interact with creatures of the sea on an up-close-and-personal level. There’s the Penguin Encounter, the submerged acrylic tube ride called Shark Encounter, the Beluga Interaction Program, and the Sea Lions and Dolphins Up-Close tours.

At SeaWorld is a broad playground for children called Shamu’s Happy Harbor, where it’s always a cool time to be a child.

SeaWorld Contributes to Tomorrow’s World

To give back to the world, SeaWorld created the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a not-for-profit organization. It has been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).
SeaWorld has served invariably as a marine creature’s haven and a place where people can appreciate the majesty of the marine world.

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