Safari Wilderness Ranch

Dreaming of a Safari Adventure? Don’t fret because Safari Wilderness Ranch is here to make your dream come true without having the need to buy a plane ticket to Africa! Located between Orlando and Tampa in Florida, Safari Wilderness Ranch is a convenient destination for a wildlife adventure.

Safari Wilderness Ranch is not a zoo or a theme park, unlike what others think. It is a family-owned licensed game ranch that specializes in wetland exotic species, Austrian Halflinger horses, African watusi, and Irish cattle. It is considered as a Florida agritourism project and is licensed by USDA and accredited by the Zoological Association of America.

The game ranch is surrounded by The Green Swamp, a vast 870 square mile watershed, that branches out to 4 of Florida’s pristine rivers. This environment is very conducive for the exotic wetland animals of the ranch. You can view those wild animals while riding on a customized safari vehicle, or on camelback for a more daring adventure. The driver guides will lead you through the tour and will supply you interesting facts about the exotic species.

Various unique wild experiences are in store for you and your troop in this wilderness ranch. You can choose among exciting activities like feeding the adorable ring-tailed lemurs, colorful budgies, or the cute guinea pigs.

Ring-tailed Lemurs

For just $20 per person, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity of entering a ring-tailed lemur habitat and having a close encounter with them. These natives of Madagascar are very gentle and polite. They will line up in front of you waiting for you to hand a piece of grape. They will then carefully get the grape from your hand and eat it with delight.

Budgie Parakeets

If you are a bird-lover, you can go to the outdoor aviary instead and feed 100 lovable budgie parakeets. These Australian natives are one of the world’s smallest parrots. Experience the amazing moment of having budgies on your arm as you feed them with millet seeds for only $5 per seed stick.

Guinea Pig Colony

You can also have the option of feeding a colony of cute guinea pigs for just $5 per person. These rodents are native from the Andes and live together as a colony. See how they get excited as you throw your feeds at them. Other rodent species that can be found in the ranch are the African crested porcupine, Patagonian cavy, and Capybara, the world’s largest rodent.

To book a tour, choose between a customized Safari vehicle ($70 per adult and $60 per child), and a camelback ride ($150 per person). It is important to note that children below 3 years old are not accepted for camelback ride. If you want a private tour, you can rent a vehicle starting at $700. For group tours, a minimum of 20 members is required. Group rates are $35 per adult and $20 per child. Daily tour times are 10am and 1pm.

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