Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

The Rosen Shingle Creek is for those who want luxury and comfort. The hotel is one of the top hotels in Orlando. The Rosen Shingle Creek is only ten minutes away from the Orlando International Airport. It is near the best theme parks, restaurants and shopping complex in Orlando. First class accommodation is what you can expect from the Rosen Shingle Creek. The rooms are comfortable and elegant. The 1,500-room hotel offers spectacular view of the golf course and the hotel’s well creek. And only the highest quality of service is what you will get when you stay in the hotel. The staff is professional but accommodating.

One of the attractions of the hotel is its golf course. Guests can play golf at its famous golf course designed by David Harman. Guests can also learn to play the sport at the hotel’s Brad Brewer Golf Academy. Inside the hotel, families and guests surely love the full service spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, 15 restaurants, tennis courts, basketball court and sand volleyball. Seasonal fishing is also available by reservation. And for kids who love video games, they will surely have the most wonderful time at the hotel’s large video game room. Nature trails and walking trails are also available for those who want to enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

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