Revolution the Off Road Experience

If you are looking for a fun experience beyond the ordinary and are not afraid of a roughing up, then Revolution Off Road should be the place to go when you visit Orlando, Florida. Take a pick from ATV’s, buggies, 4×4, and even archery!

All-terrain vehicles, ATV for short, go with many names. They are also called quad bikes, quads, quad cycles, or four-wheelers. It travels under low-pressure tires and can go through even the most nightmarish terrain possible. In Revolution, one can experience the thrill of roughing up with one of these vehicles on a rough terrain. Be prepared though, for you are not guaranteed to come out spic and span from this adventure.

One must be at least 16 years old to try out these babies. However, if you’re less than 18 years old, your parents or guardians are required to sign a waiver. Of course, you are also required to undergo a safety lesson conducted by a trained team of instructors before going through any of the tracks.

Newbies may start out on the generally flatter tracks, but thrill-seekers are also welcome to try out the more challenging tracks. These tracks include, but are not limited to, sand holes, water splash, and other inclines and hills. If you are the type who shy away from dirt and mud, the ATV experience may probably not sit well with you. For those who like the thrill of bumpy roads, this is definitely the place to rough up!

Revolution just recently updated their buggies although one is required to have a driver’s license before taking on the tracks. Without a license, you are required to make reservations with a trained instructor to take you through the whole ten miles. You may also bring a passenger with you on the buggy, provided that the said passenger is at least 45 inches tall.

Mucky Ducks are some of the latest attractions and were introduced just last April. They are amphibious vehicles, which mean they conquer both land and water. These new additions have been tagged as the “Ultimate Off Road Experience”. Since they are all-weather vehicles, you can enjoy them rain or shine. Cool, right?

Like the buggies and ATVs, Mucky Ducks are not also for those below 16 years old, and the Revolution requires you to present a driver’s license to operate one.

You can also go fishing on Revolution. The boats are fully equipped to give you fair advantage over the bass trout. Revolution is a home to one of the finest private lakes in Florida and has been well-stocked, so it has earned the reputation of one of the best “trophy bass fishing” lakes in the vicinity. Of course, trouts are not the only fish in the lake. You may also find bowfins or croppies.

Lastly, if you are feeling up to channeling a bit of Robin Hood and William Tell in between the buggies and Mucky Ducks, Revolution also offers a new 3D archery course.

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