The Outta Control Magic Comedy Show

Magic shows are a great source of good, clean fun for the whole family. Magic comedy shows are even better! If you are looking for a totally fun night with the kids to laugh until your belly aches, then look no further than Tony Brent’s one-man magic comedy show and expect to be entertained until you hurt from all the laughter.

The Outta Control Magic Comedy Show combines the interactivity and hand sleight of a magic show with the belly-busting entertainment of a high-energy comedy show. Guests of this show are treated to magic tricks and improvisations by the amazing performer Tony Brent. Expect personal items to disappear and reappear, your minds read (somehow!), and all that is entailed in a magical show but with a brilliant twist of comedy. Nothing comes as close to the description “exhilaratingly funny” than this show and for a great price, too!

Interactivity is the name of the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show’s game. Guests are not merely an audience who will laugh and applaud during the highlights. Instead, the guests quite brilliantly are part of the entire show. Non-stop interaction with its performer will have the whole room in fits of laughter.

The great thing about the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show aside from the brilliant entertainment is that it is chock full of family friendly fun. You may bring in guests from five to fifty-five and have no worries at all that the humor may be age-inappropriate for some or offending to some populations. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Show is full of strictly good, clean fun so you don’t have to worry about covering your children’s ears at odd moments.

Guests of the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show are treated to unlimited pizza and popcorn as well as unlimited drinks such as beer and Diet Coke. Take care while guzzling, though, because the show is guaranteed to be outrageously funny and may result in choking or spewing your drinks.

Its famous performer, Tony Brent, has been entertaining kids and adults for fifteen years and has become very good at bringing out gales of laughter from even the most colicky babies and cranky grannies. He performs six nights a week with shows at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. On his days off, there is an equally entertaining performer prepared to take on the daunting job and step in his shoes.

Tickets for the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show are priced at $24.99 for adults and $16.99 for children ages 4 years old to 12 years old and senior citizens. Children below the age of four can enjoy the show for free. Keep in mind that the ticket does get you through the door, but you have to be early to get a good seat. The theater is not that large, anyway, so this is not much of a problem.

So… If you’re looking for good, clean fun, guaranteed belly-bursting laughter, unlimited food and drinks, look no further than the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show.

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