Orlando Grand Prix

If you’re looking forward to weekend out with friends or family, but the thought of movies, dinner at a restaurant and strolling at the local mall bore you to death, then try the taste of adventure and excitement, without risking bruises, bumps and bee stings, at the Orlando Grand Prix.

The Orlando Grand Prix is the place to go for Florida’s premiere go kart racing experience. The facility houses several Italian pro-karts that can go from zero to 50mph in a few seconds, a dream for the speed junkie that lives inside every one of us. The 70,000 square feet facility is 100 percent indoors, so you can enjoy breaking speeds without the burning heat of the sun or the rain messing up your vision.

This is also the perfect place for people who’ve always dreamed of going into kart racing but never had the heart to take the plunge. Not only you get to enjoy being behind the wheel, you can also track your progress on the track. There’s a projector screen beside the track where you can check your lap times, so it’s a great way for beginners in the professional go kart racing world to train and improve their skills.

The Orlando Grand Prix has two tracks to offer a variety of enjoyment and challenge for beginners and racers alike. Compete against your personal best time, or race against friends and colleagues. The site even accepts major event reservations where they can join the two tracks together for the ultimate racing challenge.

Every racer needs to take a break every once in a while, and if you’re feeling winded from racing, you can also hang out at the facility’s lounge area and enjoy their complementary Wifi service, or just sit back and watch TV. While the track is open for anybody who wants some adventure on their weekend afternoons, it’s also possible to book the facility for a corporate event, and even for children’s birthday parties.

Yes, the facility is also a great place to take your kids and introduce them to the world of go kart racing. While most parents might raise an eyebrow to the thought of bringing their kids to the tracks, the facility is child-friendly, and the staff are at hand to assist you at all times. Children who are above 4 feet in height can take a go kart for a whirl. The miniature karts can go up to 25mph and contain safety precautions for your precious little ones. So be a cool parent in your child’s eyes and take them out for an afternoon that they’ll never forget.

While the concept of go kart racing is in itself exhilarating and exciting, the facility never ceases to take entertainment to the next level. The Orlando Grand Prix always brings special offers and discounts, so you can get more fun for less money. They also have adult racing leagues and contest, so you can test your skills against other customers in the indoor track.

Take a leap out of your comfort zone into the driver’s seat! Treat yourself at the Orlando Grand Prix for a high speed fun.

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