Magical Midway

Visit Magical Midway Thrill Park located in Orlando, Florida and scream out the fun and excitement this place has to offer.

Go for a ride at their Slingshot and experience the adrenaline rush in your body while your heart pounds fast and loud. Take a seat at the world’s largest slingshot, buckle up, and hold on tight as it brings you up to 390 feet in the air. It then tilts you into a reclined position and lowers you into a volcano that begins to explode, and you’re catapulted out forcefully. When you are high above the ground, dare to open your eyes and be amazed by the beautiful view of Orlando, Florida.

Next stop is the Starflyer. Take your seat in their swing that rises to over 230 degrees above the ground and feel the wind and the thrill as it rotates you to 360 degrees for as fast as 50 miles per hour.

Bolden up and take up the challenge to come aboard on Magical Midway’s Space Blast. Hold on to your seat and be blasted up high in the air to about 180 degrees and suddenly free fall back down.

Experience the kick as you drive through their Extreme Go-Kart Tracks of Magical Midway. They have multi-level wooden tracks that will bring your skills to a test. Feel the rush as you jolt at high speeds and spiral in the track. Take your family and friends to a challenge and race towards the end. Try out their 3 Go-Kart Tracks namely the Avalanche (elevated wooden track), the Alpine (elevated wooden track) and the Fast Track (flat concrete track). If you don’t know how to drive or you don’t like to take the wheels, you may choose to be a passenger in their dual rider karts.

Aside from their incredible rides, you can get to play superb games in one of the largest arcade centers in Orlando. Play to your limits and win many prizes. Be a race car driver, a great dancer, a rock star, or simply play air hockey, pool, basketball, and lots more!

After a long day of fun and excitement, you may just want to rest and take a stroll around the Magical Midway while walking through their brick walk paths. Delight yourself in a slice of hand tossed New York style pizza at Brooklyn Pizza restaurant or have an ice cream at the Cool Treats parlor.

Other wonderful rides and games that Magical Midway has in store for you, your family and friends are the following: Merry Go Round, Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars, Trampolines, Character Artist (available on weekends and some weekdays) and Hair Braiding (available on weekends and some weekdays).

They operate every day of the week from noon until midnight.

You may also plan your birthdays, corporate events, and school or youth groups with the help of the Magical Midway Sales Staff which you may contact at 407-370-5353 between 9am and 5pm or visit them at 7001 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819

What’s great is that they have Free Admission and Free Parking. You may see their prices for the rides here as well as the ride restrictions here

Come now and experience all the fun you can have at Magical Midway Thrill Park!

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