The Holy Land Experience

For those who want their vacations to have a more profound meaning, the Holy Land Experience is guaranteed to add that special element of significance that will stay with them for many years to come.

Think You Know the Bible? Then Come and Have the Holy Land Experience!

Bringing together all the essential elements that have made the Holy Bible the world’s undisputed bestseller in terms of copies distributed, the Holy Land Experience helps visitors reconnect with everything Christian in them and thereby enhance their way of living. Interactive and special in every way, the Holy Land Experience brings tourists to the place where it all happened 2 millennia ago and in a distant land where the Word was made flesh and the world was saved by the Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Holy Land Experience empowers visitors to personally get in touch with the fundamentals of their faith and to experience being in an actual biblical museum.

Gain from a totally unique education where you can experience the antiquity of ancient Jerusalem. With faithfully reproduced settings, architecture and style, the Holy Land Experience aims to bring people closer to the sites that created the Man-God that was Jesus. There is the Great Temple and the Plaza, The Garden Tomb, the model of the city of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Caves and the Wilderness Tabernacle.

You can be inspired by the richness of the culture where Christ Himself found his True Being. See a reproduction of the Garden Tomb where He rose up and conquered death three days after He was crucified. Be amazed by the Roman columns engraved with gold cap heads. The majestic Great Temple beckons to you with its hallowed representation of faith in the time of first century Jerusalem.

Be regaled in the Holy Land Experience with the infused theatrical element from “Century”, the religious theme park’s talented singing group. Listen as they recount the story of Jesus and various other tales from the Old Testament in song. Hear your faith resound in songs of praise and thanksgiving for the history and story of mankind’s salvation.

The redemptive story behind the Qumran Caves, the Garden Tomb, the ancient city of Jerusalem’s layout and the Great Temple is provided greater enlightenment by the Holy Land Experience’s team of biblical archaeologists. They serve as guides on the journey of faith that visitors take. Part of what makes the Holy Land Experience more interesting is The Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities. Guests will be taken on a one-of-a-kind faith experience across the valleys of time in order to get familiarized with the huge potential of having the holy book interpreted in several languages,

Unique Attractions that Strengthen the Faith

Visitors who pick the Holy Land Experience as a holiday stopover are bound to enjoy the many attractions available including those already mentioned and:

• Church of all Nations
This large-capacity auditorium has marvelous theatrical productions and live presentations of the story of Jesus. Aside from that, there are concerts of praise and worship and services for baptism and church.

• Jerusalem Street Market
An authentic city well highlights this Middle Eastern themed marketplace.

• Oasis Palms Café offers delicious and revitalizing food and drink for the weary traveler of faith. Little travelers are always welcome.

• Shofar Auditorium
Explore your faith in song as the Holy Land Experience offers this second venue for youth ministry services and children’s stage play productions.

• Prayer Gardens
Three beautiful prayer gardens lie in wait for those who seek solace in solitude and private prayer.

• Crystal Living Waters
The Reflecting Pool enriches visitors with even stronger faith as the water show provides a unique glimpse of the majesty of God’s creation.

• Smile of a Child Adventure Land
A unique children’s playground where the Holy Land Experience’s little visitors can do rock wall climbing safely and also have face painting done on them. Children style worship is an open and fun activity here.

Indeed, a family day at the Holy Land Experience is one that you will cherish for as long as you live!

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