Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida

Serving not only as a large classroom for the young but as an unforgettable experience for the forever young, the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida offers that unbelievable wild adventure that everyone can laugh, scream and brag about years after visiting the attraction. At the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida, there’s no better way to spend a vacation or a corporate activity than to fully optimize all that nature has to offer, and to see where the entire adventure takes you. So hop on now!

Book an Adventure, Stay for the Unique Experience

Guests who visit this 4700-acre ranch are in for the adventure of their lives. This wildlife preserve is comprised of natural water features, swamplands, exotic and untouched wilderness, and thick cypress woodlands.

Signing up for the proprietary EcoPark Admission will entitle guests to explore the limitless possibilities offered by the park’s largest offerings including The Rattlesnake plus the pioneer in zipline roller coaster adventures known as Zipline Safari. There are 6 standard EcoPark Admission ticket inclusions in all: The Rattlesnake, Zipline Safari, the Panther Pounce challenge, the Peregrine Plunge, the Swooping Crane swing, and the Cypress Canopy cycle.

The Outrageous Zipline Safari: Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida’s Most Breathtaking Adventure Yet!

Have outrageous fun aboard a perfect thrill ride from atop an outstanding aerial take-off point at the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida. Taking the more daring park visitors through 7 distinct ziplines across three sky bridges constructed at a dizzying 68 feet above the ground, Zipline Safari at the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida allows zipliners to catch a glimpse of the state’s natural bounty in wildlife and plant life. There are ten different observation platforms and a number of professional wildlife guides to ensure safety at all times. Guests can appreciate the vast tracts dedicated to flora and fauna of Florida here at the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida.

Peddle by at the Cypress Canopy Cycle

The Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida offers extraordinarily-structured canopy cycles that transport visitors atop canopies of Pine Flatwoods through wetlands where Florida’s foliage grows lushly and wildlife roams free.

Plod Along on Horseback

Even first-time horseback riders are assured of enjoying the unrivalled Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida experience while leisurely exploring the wildlife terrain with expert guides. Nine separate Florida ecosystems are visited as horseback riders enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory. Yee-ha!

Horseback-riding and Ziplining Not for You? Take the Coach!
At the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida, there’s never a lack of means to revel in and explore the beauty of nature. Guests can safely chug along on special open-air safari coaches that take visitors through a 2-hour ride through the 4700-acre ranch. Guests can go over land and water on a coach elevated five feet off the ground, plus a midway boardwalk for stretching the legs and scanning the horizon. Be sure to take lots of souvenir photos!

Aside from the noble aim to preserve the beauty of natural Florida wildlife, the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida has been setting aside fixed amounts from admission tickets for acquiring more conservable lands. Keeping Florida as naturally beautiful as possible, the Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida brings visitors to paradise within a paradise!

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