Fantasy of Flight

Nearly everyone dreams to fly and at Fantasy of Flight, making such dreams come true is an everyday reality. Here, every visitor is a pilot in the making and everyone can get on an airplane cockpit without spending thousands for such an experience.

Soar on Wings of Flight with Real Planes!

As an immersion experience, the glory of flight that can be enjoyed by guests at Fantasy of Flight will be unlike any other. Taking visitors back to those good old days of early aviation, the two World Wars and beyond, Fantasy of Flight encourages the pioneering spirit that went into those eras of flying. Guests can enjoy the collection of private aircraft on display, which is the largest to date. Even owner and founder Kermit Weeks maintains his collection of aircraft at Fantasy of Flight. Mr. Weeks happens to be an American pilot, aircraft collector and aviation enthusiast who has also been into aircraft design, aerobatics competition, restoration of vintage aircraft and promotion of aviation.

Star factor notwithstanding, Fantasy of Flight can provide genuine aviation immersion experience in a non-fantasy setting. This means visitors get daily aerial shows of flying aircraft, depending on the clemency of the weather. Depending also on plane and pilot availability and maintenance and other significant considerations, one aircraft a day is featured in demonstrations. With most of Kermit Weeks’ aircraft on display still possessing airworthiness, Fantasy of Flight makes it possible for visitors to get first-hand appreciation of the planes’ flying abilities. It is believed that this Florida-based attraction has more airworthy vessels on their roster than even the air forces of several countries. It even has more fixed-wing airworthy airplanes than Navy Forces of India or the Navy branch of the British Armed Forces.

Aside from showcasing memorable periods in the history of flight, Fantasy of Flight also features an interactive audio tour where visitors are given aircraft information for planes in the vast collection plus never-before-known information on selected aircraft flyers. The restoration and maintenance of vintage planes is also explored during the audio tours.

Housed in an astounding Art Deco facility, Fantasy of Flight maintains more than 100 units of aircraft, both vintage and rare, in its vast collection. Visitors can enjoy cutting-edge flight simulation technology at the self-guided Fun with Flight. Guests can go for a one-of-a-kind WWII bombing mission via the B-17 Flying Fortress.

Only some of the aircraft on display at Fantasy of Flight, depending on availability and attraction schedules, are the following: the Antonov An-2; the Albatross D. Va; the Bell 47G helicopter; the Brown B-2 Racer; the Bucker Bestmann; the Curtiss Robin; the Fokker D. VIII; The Hawker Tempest II and V; the Lockheed L-1649A Starliner, P-38L Lightning and Vega 5A/5C; the Martin B-26 Marauder; the Sikorsky 38, 39, 43 and 55; the Supermarine Spitfire Mk16; the Spirit of Peace Roziere Balloon; the Thomas More Scout; and the Westland Lysander.

Several of the aircraft owned by Fantasy of Flight are currently displayed on loan or on exhibit at various museums.

Fantasy of Flight, Experience of a Lifetime!

Among the many family-friendly attractions at Fantasy of Flight are the two unique hangars where the aircraft collections are housed. The North and South hangars take up a large area of the whole facility, which also has a gift shop and the Compass Rose Diner. There are ground vehicles scattered in the magnificent diorama of the B-17 Flying Fortress.

At Fantasy of Flight, set your wings of flight free!

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