Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

This resort boasts architecture that are beyond the dreams of a sports fan. The buildings are designed in various sports types which include football, basketball, surfing, tennis and a lot more. There are bigger -than-life statures featuring some of the celebrated Disney characters too. With the Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, you can surely have your A-game.

Unleash your competitive spirit as you indulge in the arcade center of All-Star Sports Resort. There are so many games to choose from that is available for all ages. You can go head-to-head against your friends and families or play with them as you go against aliens, go for gold in race cars, solving puzzles, or do something more physical like air hockey and dancing to the beat of the drum in dancing pads. The arcade in All-Star Sports Resort is open on a daily basis, always ready to entertain all game enthusiasts.

Dining in All-Star Sports is like no other. You have the liberty to stay in your room while you savor your food or you can go out and see a game. In All-Star Resorts, you can satisfy your hunger with the all time favorite bench foods. You can have pizza, nachos, burgers and more while your eyes wander in their wide screen TVs playing various Disney motion pictures– An ultimate dining experience with a twist! If you are an outdoor type, you can hit the Team Spirits Pool Bar, just 10 steps away from the pool. The bar offers refreshments such as cocktails, frozen drinks and various wines.

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