Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

In Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, you are not just a guest, but one of the stars, you are the lead character of your own all-star vacation!. Every bit of the hotel exudes life. They have huge figures of some of the most successful Disney movies ever created, from the puppies of 101 Dalmatians to the room of Andy filled with toys. Everywhere you look is a movie you know and enjoyed.

Relax and plunge into the All-Star Movies’ Fantasia Pool. The Fantasia Pool is inspired from the classic Disney movie Fantasia, as the name suggests. It is where the infamous Sorcerer Mickey fountain can be found. There is a kiddie pool too, and the water playing area nearby was especially made for the little actors and actresses in the making.

Another movie-inspired pool is the Duck Pond Pool from The Mighty Duck series. The design is very much similar to a hockey rink. It is the perfect pool where you can play and unwind after a long day visit and walks in the parks.

One of the best things in the Movies Resort is their movie screening for all the guests to enjoy. Wherever you are in the vicinity, may it be on the beach, dipping in the pool or in the gaming area, you are rest assured that your vacation is more than just a good one.

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