Dinosaur World

People during the Age of the Dinosaurs might have lived in fear of being trampled on by these gigantic yet magnificent reptiles that roamed the earth, but at Dinosaur World, dinosaurs are attractions you simply can’t help but marvel at. Visitors to Dinosaur World will be amazed at the sheer size of the lifelike figures that will let their imagination run free.

Enter Dinosaur World and Love these Astoundingly Enormous Creatures

Dinosaur World has more than 150 spectacular life-size dinosaur sculptures. If humans in the dinosaur era spent the greater part of their lives fighting off the vicious species among these animals, Dinosaur World puts these creatures in a different and far-friendlier light. As products of the great genius of Swedish businessman Christer Svensson, the creatures in Dinosaur World motivate learners to explore and study their characteristics and habitats freely. Built on an old alligator farm purchased by Svensson, Dinosaur World is the product of his family’s fascination with these creatures and with the prehistoric environment where dinosaurs thrived in. The result: a recreated wild environment where native vegetation cast shadows and provide foliage, complete with water features, in a true-to-the-minutest-detail theme park.

Carved from a base of polystyrene foam, the dinosaur sculptures are carefully covered with fiberglass that serves as the outer surface. The lifelike quality is bolstered by the realistic “skin” fashioned from textured putty and carefully applied onto the preformed 3D cast. The dinosaurs are painstakingly formed inside the park , with three new sculptures expanding the number of creatures every year. The older ones get the required makeovers regularly. Dinosaur World guests can leisurely take the board walk that takes them all around the park. Amazing dinosaur species that guests can get up close to are the archaeopteryx, the Aucasaurus, the Ceratosaurus, the Apatosaurus or brontosaurus, the T. rex, the stegosaurus, and many other popular species. Natural marshes are laid out with gum trees and cypress for that totally believable prehistoric look.

Placed in the midst of their natural-looking habitat, the creatures hold their court in restful environments where guests can examine them closely to get familiarized with their identification and lifelike qualities. Welcoming guests at the entrance to the park is a T-rex.

This is the Dinosaur World experience that has gotten better through the years!

Enjoy Wholesome Family Fun at Dinosaur World!

Designed to be family friendly, Dinosaur World has frequent break and shade areas scattered around the premises. There are several areas for those idyllic picnics, and playgrounds where children can run free.

Children’s activities have been conceptualized to encourage kids to become paleontologists for a day. The Fossil Dig is an enjoyable park attraction where children ages 3 to 12 with child admission tickets are brought to a sand table where they can dig for real fossil treasures. Fossil Dig participants can take home three of the fossils they unearth. The dinosaur bone pieces and others fossils that can be brought home as souvenirs include orthoceras, trilobites, ammonite, shark teeth, brachiopod, amber, turritella, gastropods, crinoids, shells and sponges.

Visit Dinosaur World and get to know your dinosaurs now!

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