CSI Exhibit

For the budding forensic scientist and crime scene investigator, the CSI Exhibit can provide a great repository of scientific information that will help greatly in solving a crime mystery. The CSI Exhibit is called CSI: The Experience, which means that visitors will be immersed in hands-on science as they are led through a maze of clues to finally solve a baffling crime.

CSI: It’s an Interesting Science, Bob

Bob is not a character in the top-rating TV show, but he sure can learn a lot from visiting the CSI Exhibit! Bringing to life many scientific disciplines combined with basic scientific concepts, the most revolutionary techniques and state-of-the-art technology, the CSI Exhibit will get your pulses running and your adrenaline rushing as you get to be a forensic expert and crime scene detective for a day. Engage in thrilling hands-on activities using actual evidence processing equipment and multimedia presentations to give you that one-of-a-kind experience. Crack crimes as easily as your favorite TV crime series characters as you understand each procedure’s significance and what they can do to help you catch the culprit.

Have Evidence , Will Bring Justice

You’re no superhero, but you will surely feel like one as you pore through the body of evidence at the CSI Exhibit. Identify evidence and separate the significant from the circumstantial. Leave no stone unturned as you analyze each piece of evidence in a multi-science lab. Formulate your hypotheses aided by your analyses. In the end, you can present the validated results of your investigation with confidence that you will be bringing safety for more people this time.

At the CSI Exhibit, you will: do blood spatter analysis; perform DNA identification; apply forensic pathology, entomology and anthropology knowledge; use information technology and forensic art; optimize toxicology science; and practice tool mark and firearm identification. Do it like the pros and enjoy tinkering with a host of tools and equipment including microscopes, magnifiers, personal computers with touch screen technology, chemistry reagents and apparatuses, DNA analysis equipment, UV light analyzers, cell phone seizure kits and others.

Developed by a group of experts, the CSI Exhibit presents an interactive forensic science display where guests can actively participate in a unique multimedia setting. There’s no better way to get your CSI fix than to be inside a real crime lab, where you bounce your analyses around with your “colleagues”, revisit the crime scene to gather more evidence, incorporate all your knowledge and observation skills, and make conclusions that are scientifically-based. Have fun while you do all that, too!

The CSI Exhibit is an Exhibit with a Purpose
Sure, you can go to a museum and get lost in all the beauty of the art around you, but the CSI Exhibit was mounted to support noble causes. Aside from helping to develop crucial thinking skills through maximization of technology, scientific inquiry and forensic investigation, the CSI Exhibit aims to bring about greater public awareness of the cutting-edge trends in forensic science and technology.

If you’re a fan of the hit TV series, you will surely go wild at the adventure in store for you at the CSI Exhibit!

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