Congo River Golf

Few people would ever dare to plunge into the deepest river in the world, the Congo River, but at Congo River Golf, even the smallest visitors become the world’s greatest explorers! As visitors brave the Congo Rapids and go through the Congo Miniature Falls, they will surely find more reasons to believe that adventure begins in the most incredible places on earth.

Look High and Low, a-putting-and-an-exploring We Will Go!

Perhaps you’ve never embarked on that incredible adventure of a lifetime. However, at Congo River Golf, adventure follows you every step of the way! Be totally amazed at the different views you can enjoy: The Summit View; the Stanley View; the Livingstone View; the Lagoon View; the Totem View; the Waterfall View; and the Stone Face View. Listen to the sound of the rushing water as it swiftly runs over the waterfall and then settles down peacefully into the lagoon below. At the Totem area, there stand three tall totem poles. Use your imagination and picture a tribal gathering of elders where you will decide on who gets to be the caddy and who gets to putt first. The Congo River Golf’s Stanley Point has a section of the miniature golf course where you and your kids can practice those trophy-claiming moves you never knew you had. The Summit affords you with a breathtaking perspective of the beautiful sights below. The Livingstone gives you a splendid vista of the wooden bridge crossing the lagoon. Feel like you’re the king of the jungle within the Lagoon, where you will get to breathe in the refreshing calm of the waterfall mist and the perennially green freshness of everything around you. Be awed by the serenity of the Stone Face, from whose gaping mouth gushes forth more water to make everything really nice and cool. Stop by for a cool drink at the vendo machine that gives you a refreshing serving of your favorite soda. There isn’t any jungle course on earth where you’ll have all that! Golf course and adventure course in one, that’s the Congo River Golf!

Me Tarzan, You Jane…Wait A Minute! This Isn’t Africa?

At the Congo River Golf, you’ll surely feel that sense of adventure in your veins minus all the pesky mosquitoes, creepy crawlies and ferocious wild animals of the jungle. There will never be a dull moment at every turn, as you and your family get to enjoy an energizing game of golf in this tree-lined and well-trimmed adventure course for aspiring golfers. Overcome your golf handicaps to some degree with the miniature golf course, where even the tiniest hands always have a good set of irons to hold and strike the ball with. If Tarzan and Jane never learned to enjoy a great game of golf, you surely will!

Congo River Golf has a total of 36 holes for you to practice your incredible golf moves over and over. Feel just like a PGA Professional player to complete all 36 holes, or go subtle by finishing 18 holes. It doesn’t matter who you aspire to be as long as you enjoy the whole adventure course.

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