Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa brings the spectacular African safari right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Florida. The 136-hectare property is a zoo and an amusement park rolled perfectly into one exceptional masterpiece destination. It caters to the whole family. The rides in this park are sure to satisfy the thirst for exhilarating excitement of thrill-seekers.

Soar up to at least 4,400 feet and enjoy a triple launch coaster, which is one of the longest in America or try the inverted roller coaster ride Montu, named after an Egyptian god of war and feel the rage of excitement with a twisting drop or a zero G-roll, Gwazi which is a twister-style coaster or Kumba which has a 360o spiral vertical loop. If they aren’t enough, the Falcon Fury lets the guests soar 300 feet up, pivot in mid-air and drops them in a speed of 60 mph dive position. The Congo River Rapids and Tanganyika Tidal Wave are coasters with a water park theme. The rides will definitely leave its guests breathless but asking for more.

For a more family-friendly coaster, the Air-Grover Junior Coaster is the perfect ride as it provides just the right amount of kick while enjoying the view of the Sesame Street Safari. The wildlife experience is nothing short of amazement. The African-inspired jungle provides the perfect second home for wild and endangered animals. With almost twelve thousand animals from 300 species, this is a haven for animal lovers. Guests will experience a close encounter with cheetahs, a leisurely walk in an abandoned African fishing village themed park, Edge of Africa and marvel over meerkats, vulture, crocodiles, hyenas, hippos and most especially the king of the jungle, the lion. Myombe Reserve is another attraction where guests are entertained with the clever orangutans and chimpanzees. For the bird lovers, 500 tropical birds are under the park’s care. Guests are welcomed by bright colorful birds as they enter the massive free-flight aviary, and they have the privilege to hand-feed them. The Walkabout Way brings animals from the Land-Down-Under to Florida, guests are entertained by the contagious chorus of laughter of the Kookaburra, and they get to hand-feed kangaroos too. The park allows its guests to experience a zookeeper’s job for a limited time with six friends. They get first-hand experience of taking care of animals like elephants, giraffes, antelopes and orangutans, which provides for a perfect photo opportunity too. Other attractions include Sesame Street Safari of Fun rides and dinner buffet with the Sesame Street characters. The place is also a favorite venue for birthdays.

The Treetop trails, another attraction, is fit for the active family because it has crawl tubes, multi-level maze and water-play area. For a panoramic journey of the immense property, the Serengeti Train takes its guest to a hassle-free tour around 65 acre of wide-open wilderness, lush vegetation and majestic walkways. The Serengeti Night Safari is also open for guests wanting a different safari adventure. Fun and entertainment doesn’t stop as there are great choices of daily shows. Larger-than-life puppets and skaters enchant guests as they glide on ice along with an original music in Iceploration. The animals of Madagascar are brought to life in Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation and the world-class acts like acrobats, singers, and dancers captivate the hearts of the guests. Rock ‘n roll and latin-infused contemporary music are set to bring the Miami Party to full force.

The dining experience is another experience to savor. You may enjoy a smoked beef brisket in an open barbeque pit, a handmade candy and a special “Wild indulgence Fudge.” Treat friends in a Safari-inspired cocktail party or dine in a sophisticated restaurant overlooking the Serengeti Plain, and the most important one is an all-day dining deal, where the choices are almost infinite. Busch Gardens Tampa is a delicious mix of African safari wildlife and adrenaline-filled adventure park that is without question, the ultimate destination.

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