Arabian Nights Dinner Show

Accept the royal invitation and witness the magical matrimony of Prince Raswan and Princess Amirah at Arabian Nights’ Royal Celebration in Orlando, Florida. This one of a kind entertainment will bring you to an entirely new dimension that is full of magic and romance. Brace yourself with the fantastic dinner put together with a spectacular tale of love, intrigue, and magic.

The Royal Wedding

The celebration circles around the love story of the two royalties from the two most powerful kingdoms of Bedouin namely Prince Raswan of the Ruala Kingdom and Princess Amirah of the Saglawi. The brave Prince Raswan is the most skilled horseman in all of the Bedouin kingdoms. See how he impresses his bride by performing thrilling feats while horseback riding and by presenting her gifts of mystical creatures and other wonderful items. At the same time, be hand-in-hand with the enchanting Princess Amirah in experiencing the most memorable night of her life. Watch out for the jaw-dropping demonstrations to be performed in honor of the beautiful princess.

Be Enchanted by the Mystical Creatures

Be mesmerized in the most magical attraction in Orlando while feasting on a delicious meal. Behold the beauty and elegance of the Black Arabian Stallion that only serves Prince Raswan. The Black Stallion possesses supreme magical powers which make it the greatest horse in the entire Bedouin kingdoms. The gentler version of this creature is the graceful unicorn. Get to meet the last unicorn as it is presented as a wedding gift to Princess Amirah. Watch as the beautiful princess rides the beautiful unicorn on her unforgettable wedding day.
Be Thrilled by the Daring Stunts
One of the exciting displays is the chariot race. This ancient sport is played by two agile horse riders who will compete in a race that will determine the fate of their lives and the whole Bedoiun Empire. To make the night more thrilling, the ambulant gypsies are in for a heart-stopping acrobatic demonstration. Be amazed as they fly high in the air and as they flip their bodies while on horseback. To complete the night, the dashing Prince Raswan has prepared himself to charm her lovely bride with the Garrocha. This Spanish tradition of horse riding is artistically performed to reflect elegance and beauty. It requires premium horseback riding skills and expertise.

Experience the Royal Feast

This Royal Celebration will not be complete without the Royal feast. So this dinner show offers a list of special packages which include VIP Experience, The Royal Table, Sultan Seating, and drink packages. All guests are entitled to an unlimited supply of Pepsi products all throughout the evening. Guests that are of legal age, meaning over 21, can also avail an upgrade to the Drink Packages. You can choose The Seglawi Drink Package, which includes unlimited Bud Light and California blush wine, or The Ruala Drink Package, which includes unlimited House Merlot, House Chardonnay, and single shot well cocktails.

If you think you are ready to indulge in the most magical experience of your life, then have a reservation now at the Royal Celebration seats online, or contact the Palace at (800) 553-6116.

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