Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando

Opened in March 1, 2008, the park was already a success early in its game – accommodating almost a million guests during its first year. It caters to all ages and has plenty of attractions to quench the thirst for excitement or the desire for relaxation of its guests.

If you are looking for goose bumped-eliciting activities, try the popular Dolphin Plunge where you can enjoy the ride while waving hello at the Commerson’s dolphins swimming in the pool. For a little friendly competition, you can also enjoy a high speed, high plunge race in the Taumata Racer – an eight-lane mat slide that takes “racers” plummet down a steep height, head first.

If you are an adventurous one looking for a little bump and grind, Roa’s Rapids is an action river ride that’s fast yet long enough to be enjoyed. It will take you through high tides, whirlies and geysers at speeds. And for an experience like no other, Tassie’s Twisters will take you to a ride through lightning fast tubes that end in a giant bowl where you will spin and spin until you are thrown back into the lazy river beside it.

For the faint of heart, the water park also has counterparts that can be enjoyed in the absence of gut wrenching dread for a more relaxed vacation. One of the more popular lazy rivers is the Loggerhead Lane, where the beauty of brightly colored African fish as well as the Commerson’s dolphins can be appreciated as you pass by aboard rafts that go on a leisurely speed.

Another feature not to be missed is the wave pools – the Cutback cove with taller waves and the Big Surf Shores that take it slow and easy. You can just choose what experience you want – whether a calm morning water or a rolling late afternoon ocean or vice versa, as the pools are located beside each other.

Another unique feature of the water park is its wildlife – the Commerson’s dolphins are the most popular, but not to be missed as well are the African Spurred Tortoise, anteaters and the different species of multi-colored fish. Children can also enjoy the company of the water park’s mascots which include Roa – a kiwi, Kata – a kookaburra, Ihu – a gecko, Papa – a Royal Spoonbill, and of course, Wai – a Commerson’s dolphin.

There is no doubt that the Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando is one of the world’s best water parks, for it has the perfect combination of thrill and relaxation while enjoying the best of man-made and natural attractions.

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